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Inspired Materials & Stem-Cell Based Tissue Engineering Laboratory (IMSTEL)

Contact: Dr. Binata Joddar

IMSTEL is focused on understanding the signaling and mechanical cues derived from the stem cell niche which ultimately lead to stem cell proliferation, differentiation, or disease. My current goals are to more...


The Stanley E. Fulton Biomechanics and Motor Behavior Laboratory

Contact: Dr. Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan

The Stanley E. Fulton Biomechanics and Motor Behavior Laboratory is equipped with VICON 8-camera automatic tracking system, two Peak Motus 3D video analysis systems, an 8-channel EMG more...


Laboratory for Industrial Metrology and Automation (LIMA)

Contact: Dr. Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan

LIMA educates students towards multidisciplinary thinking to facilitate the solution of complex problems, and to drive novel research discoveries and transformational learning. Our multidisciplinary education integrates various existing academic disciplines, and it leads to develop new areas through the application of a system that is more flexible. more...


Laboratory for Human Motion Analysis and Neurorehabilitation

Contact: Dr. Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan

The Laboratory for Human Motion Analysis and Neurorehabilitaion (HumanLab) provides technologies for improving independence and reasonable quality of life for our citizens with disabilities and handicaps, due to impairments or aging. more...


Medical Imaging Informatics Lab (MIIL)

Contact: Dr. Wei Qian

Since MII Lab. was Established in Fall 2008, the focus of our research is to develop, optimize and validate advanced computational and data integration methods to convert medical image data (all laboratory, pre clinical and clinical data) to knowledge or some form of medical intervention, to be referred to as clinical decision tools. more...


Han's Lab

Contact: Kyung-An Han , Ph.D.

Neuromodulation is a fundamental physiological phenomenon underlying behavioral plasticity. Using a comprehensive research program that employs cellular, molecular, genetic, chemical, pharmacological and behavioral approaches, our goal is to explore the cellular and biochemical nature of more...


Li Research Group

Contact: Dr. XiuJun (James) Li.

Li Microfluidic Bioanalysis & Nanosensing group at UTEP mission is to develop state-of-the-art microfluidic and nano techniques/approaches for cutting-edge research in biological science, forensic science, and biomedical engineering more...


Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry Lab

Contact: Katja Michael, Ph.D

Our group has two different research focuses: a) Photochemical acylation method development and application to biomolecules b) Development of carbohydrate-based diagnostic tools and vaccines for parasitic diseases more...


Dr. Sun Lab

Contact: Jianjun Sun, Ph.D

Focuses on how bacterial pathogens cause human diseases. I am particularly interested in understanding the roles of bacterial toxins and other virulent factors in bacterial pathogenesis and developing novel therapeutics against infection. Bacterial toxins and virulence factors that are also excellent model systems for us to investigate fundamental processes of biological sciences more...


The University of Texas at El Paso
College of Engineering
Department of Metallurgical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Building Room 202B
500 W University Ave
El Paso, TX 79968

Phone: (915) 747-6155

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